【PTCGL Decks List export】Lugia V Star / Cinccino (Special Roll)【Import code】

This Lugia V star and Cinccino deck won the CL Fukuoka in December 2024 in Japan.
It is a very powerful deck.

Here are the cards we used in this construction.

The concept of this deck is to attach various special energies to Cinccino with Archeops' Primal Terbo and then use Special Roll to inflict heavy damage.

The early goal is to get Archeops on the bench with Lugia V Star's Summoning Star.
To counter the opponent's Pokémon with Ability, use Flutter Mane's Midnight Fluttering.

“Jacq” adds two Archeops to its hand, or adds a Lugia V star or Cinccino to its hand, depending on the board.
Use “Professor's Reserch”, “Serena” or Ultra Ball to send Archeops to the trash.

Thorton” can be used for a surprise attack by evolving a Minccino to a Cinccino on the turn you put it on the bench.

Here is the deck code.

Click on "COPY" and press INPORT in PTCGL Deck create.

Pokémon: 10 3 Minccino BRS 124 4 Archeops SIT 147 3 Lugia V SIT 186 1 Lugia V SIT 138 1 Lugia VSTAR SIT 211 1 Manaphy BRS 41 3 Cinccino TEF 137 1 Flutter Mane TEF 78 2 Lugia VSTAR SIT 139 1 Lumineon V BRS 40 Trainer: 11 2 Boss's Orders PAL 265 1 Thorton LOR 167 1 Jacq SVI 175 3 Iono PAF 237 2 Great Ball PAL 183 1 Master Ball TEF 153 4 Ultra Ball BRS 150 2 Professor's Research SVI 240 1 Collapsed Stadium LOR 215 4 Capturing Aroma SIT 153 2 Serena SIT 164 Energy: 5 4 Mist Energy TEF 161 1 V Guard Energy SIT 169 4 Gift Energy LOR 171 4 Double Turbo Energy BRS 151 4 Jet Energy PAL 190 Total Cards: 60